Organized garage

Clean Out

The first step to a clutter-free garage is cleaning it. During the cleaning, go through all the items and decide if you still use them or better when it was used last. Things that are no longer used should be thrown into the dustbin. After that, organize your items into three categories, the frequently used, occasionally used and items that have not been used in a year but they are still useful. The often used items should be stored in an accessible position while the rest can be placed higher on the shelves.

Make a Plan

cluttered garageThe garage is an essential and expensive room, but this is not what people treat it. Homeowners should start treating their garages with the same importance as other rooms in the house. This is way; they will create time to clean and organize. The same way you create time and make a plan to wash your bedroom, create time for the garage.


There are items stored in the garage but mostly used in the house. Once you have identified these items, store them near the garage door to your home. Large things like lawn mowers should be stored under the garage shelves to save in space. Also, store them in strategic places so that they will not be barriers when you want to clean the room. Small items should be stored on the shelves. The garage floor should be kept free of any items.

Use Containers, Cabinets, and Shelves

As mentioned above, nothing should be stored on the floor. According to size and use, keep items in the cabinets, shelves or containers. Other than your safety, keeping items off the floor keeps them clean. Shelving saves you time because you will be aware of where each item is placed so it will be a matter of grabs when you need it.

Safety Roof

Fire safetyMany people store hazardous materials like paints, fertilizers, and pesticides in the garage. Such should be stored high in different locked cabinets. Sharp gardening tools should as well be locked up in high cabinets. It is a safety measure that all garages have a fire extinguisher. Fire starts small unless it is an explosion and you can be able to monitor control them with an extinguisher.