The Basics of DVR Security Systems That You Must Know

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DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A DVR security system consists of multiple cameras that are connected to a hard drive where the digital video footage is stored in a digital format. This surveillance system is popular because it is an economical solution. But before you invest your money in a DVR security system, there are several fundamentals that you must bear in mind. 


When you go to a security camera store, you will probably get an offer NVR system in addition to your request for DVR. NVR is an abbreviation Network Video Recorder. Unlike DVR that processes the video in the recorder, NVR gets it done in the cameras. From there, as you can guess, NVR will cost you more money than the DVR. 

DVR’s Analog Cameras

A DVR security camera system uses analog cameras. And that is the sole reason why you can save a lot of money on this surveillance system. However, this benefit is also a drawback because, unlike NVR, you can’t mix cameras with a DVR system. When you want to add more cameras to your property, they all have to be analog. Also, the mounting of analog cameras often provides another challenge because the cables used are big and rigid. 

Image Quality

a surveillance systemSince DVR uses analog cameras, the image resolution of the video won’t be as high-definition as digital cameras. The signal transmitted from the cameras is analog. Only after it reaches the recorder, it is transformed into the digital format. The maximum quality you can get with a DVR system is 705 x 480 pixels.

DVR Cabling

For a DVR system, you need to be clever with the cables. It uses coaxial cables, meaning that there will be two separate cables, one is for the visual signal, while the other is for power. You will need a power outlet with multiple sockets for this system. 

Moreover, you need to note that coaxial cables reduce image quality after they extend more than 300ft/90m. Lower quality cables may have even a shorter distance. Since the cabling of DVR is challenging, you’d better entrust the task to a professional technician.